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Huw Griffiths tells us why mindfulness in the woods can help us to reconnect with our wellbeing.



Now more than ever it is easy to become disconnected and lose touch with our inner wellbeing in our everyday lives, particularly with the pace of the modern day. We have put together a six-week course that teaches the basic skills of mindfulness and provides an experience of being mindful outside in the elements of nature. For even short periods of time, the outdoors can be so helpful for helping to find balance in your health and wellbeing.

Living in Somerset we are fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful countryside that is easily accessible to most people. Yet, how many of us actually make use of this wonderful resource to help enrich and find peace in our demanding lives? Being outside in nature frees us from the confines and pressures we feel in everyday life, calms our busy thinking mind and encourages moments of deeper peace and insight. It helps to remind us of the essence of who we really are; grounded and safe in each moment.

Mindfulness practice outdoors in the natural environment provides a nurturing and creative space to explore conscious awareness of sounds, sights, scents, textures and tastes of the elements abundant in nature, allowing us to connect with ourselves in the present moment. This profound change of perspective helps us to appreciate the simpler things that are so easily overlooked. It inspires us to be more creative and helps us to explore how we can simply enrich and bring sense and deeper meaning to our everyday life.

Mindfulness when practiced in a natural, safe and supportive surrounding is dynamic in it’s effect and profundity.

Six week ‘Mindfulness in the Woods’ course.
(supported by the Wellbeing college)

The mindfulness practice is combined with practical woodland skills and crafts of Ecowild, making the whole experience varied creative and interesting. Mindfulness is taught through the gentle listening and focusing, with intention, onto what is happening in the present moment. In the woods that can be the sound of the fire, the call of the birds, the wind in the trees, the rustling of the leaves or just the sound of you breathing as you sit. Mindfulness is the practice, the skill, of paying attention to what is happening now. It is not a theory, not an idea, it is a skill.

Ecowild directors, Emily Malik and Lucy Holland are experienced biologists, environmentalists and forest school specialists, who lead us through the skills of being present in the woods. Be it whittling a stick, making a dream catcher, pencil or hazel circle we all calm our agitated minds  to a point of being present. With a woodland fire, we make tea and eat cake whilst all the while being mindful, gentle and calm.

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