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Mindfulness: How meditation can be beneficial to men’s mental health

Whether feeling stressed at work or at home, negative emotions can sometimes get the best of our mental health. There is a perception that men are more likely not to communicate about these mental health issues, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t experiencing them. In fact, a recent study has found that nearly half of British men are more stressed now than they have been in the past five years[1]. Mindfulness can help us learn to combat these emotions.

Studies have shown that using Headspace can reduce stress, improve focus and increase happiness. A published study has shown that 10 days of Headspace resulted in a 16% increase in happiness. This is a key factor that contributes towards good mental health.

Sleep also plays a huge part in maintaining a healthy mind and body. Meditation and mindfulness can improve sleep by helping create the conditions for a restful night’s sleep. Maintaining a healthy sleep routine is important and can reduce the risk of burnout, a key contributing factor to poor mental health.

Men may remain silent about mental health issues, which is why meditation apps such as Headspace are a good option for them. It’s something you can do from the comfort of your home if you aren’t ready to talk to a colleague, friend, family member or a professional. In some cases, taking up meditation and mindfulness at home (or having the intention of doing so) is the first step in recognising issues or needing to speak to someone.

Reaching out to those closest to us can be an effective way to relieve life pressures. Friends and colleagues are great at helping you gain perspective and focus on the bigger picture. Opening the conversation with loved ones or even seeking professional guidance should help you address these negative emotions and realise the strength of your support team.

It’s important for us to be aware of our mental health and to take steps to look after ourselves. We should talk about mental health as much as we talk about physical health. After all, both have an equal effect on our overall wellbeing.

Over the coming weeks Calm Man will be looking into the use of Headspace and how daily, morning guided meditations can have a profound effect on our emotions and how we can approach each day with a heightened sense of awareness. Keep an eye on the Calm Man twitter for more updates,

Commentary by Sarah Romotsky, Director of Healthcare at Headspace

[1] Study by The Bluebeards Revenge grooming products company, 11.06

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