Calm Man breaks the stigma behind men’s mental health. It shares personal experiences and introduces mindfulness to men the world over. Calm Man believes that happiness and the ability to be open about mental health should be common place. Everyday.
Mindfulness is a real buzz word at the moment and meditation for some people can seem like a weird way to be spending your time. There are well-over 5,000 published medical journals to prove that mindfulness can help with problems such as lack of sleep, depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress and many other things that stop us from performing to our full capacity each day. You can find more information on the science behind mindfulness by watching this video.

Despite what you may think, you don’t have to be some spiritualist hippie to practice mindfulness. There is no belief required. It’s just a way of helping you to find clarity and calmness in your life.  Mindfulness and meditation can often get confused, so we’ve simplified it here.

Mindfulness is the ability to be present, not distracted and with an open mind. There might have been times in your life where you have experienced mindfulness – a beautiful sunset, a relaxing holiday, a first kiss perhaps – a time when all your thoughts and distractions were gone away.  The challenge for all of us, especially in the modern day, is that those moments tend to be infrequent, so we need an environment in which we can learn the skill of mindfulness and that’s where meditation comes in. By bringing mindfulness into your everyday, you can become more aware, feel more happiness and compassion and learn to understand any feelings of anxiety or depression, letting those unhelpful thoughts just pass through without judgement.

The way we like to describe meditation is like visiting the mind gym. Meditation is how we train our brains to be more mindful and to except the present moment. The most simple way to meditate is to simply sit somewhere comfortable and connect with your breath. This can be anything from five minutes to an hour, or for some even longer! The more you meditate the better you’ll become at being mindful. Meditating may seem like a difficult thing to do at first, but with a little practice you will begin to notice a significant difference in your everyday awareness. You can find a simple introduction to meditation on the website, which will also provide you with the tools to practice your mindfulness everyday.